Often need to travel for long distances? Have negotiations in London this morning and some business matters to take care of in Nice later today? Are regular carriers not responsive enough? In this case a private jet is a must for you!

The best solution is offered by aircraft manufactured by Honda Aircraft Company of Japan.

HondaJets, these state-of-the-art products of the aviation engineering industry, have already become popular with business travelers, who set a high value on compactness, operational efficiency and comfort.

HondaJet – a new breakthrough in private aviation

It is hard to believe that the idea of a jet with engines above the wings expressed on a small calendar sheet by an ordinary pen in the mid-1990s has been able to go an uneasy way from design and test works to the entry into the aviation market as a competitive alternative to offers by leading players like Cessna, Gulfstream, Bombardier and Embraer. But this is what has really happened for a number of reasons.

The Japanese are very scrupulous with regard to all their products. This is why HondaJet is not just an unusual aircraft in terms of its appearance, but also a very reliable one.

The jet’s design is elaborate and rational:

— The engines are fixed on the lift wings with resulting reduced body vibration and improved sound insolation of the cabin;

— The heavy-duty aluminum wings with solid sheet aluminum skin have high lift capacity with minimum losses due to “turbulence pollution”;

— The fuselage is made of composite materials ensuring better performance and an extended flight range;

— The jet can develop a speed of up to 780 km/h, climb to a cruising altitude of 13,000 meters (attainable not by all competitors) and cover distances in excess of 2,200 kilometers without refueling;

— HondaJet needs only 1,200 meters for lift-off and less than 1,000 meters for landing;

— Garmin 3000 avionics enables control of every single parameter in the jet from the fuel level in the tanks to the charge level of accumulator batteries in the electric system.

The designers have taken care of everything to make passengers comfortable.

The jet is equipped with four seats of enhanced comfort that are placed “face to face” and can turn sideward to give extra leg space for passengers. A foldable desk adds operational efficiency to the cabin configuration offering passengers more productivity during the flight (travelers can have meals, do some work, etc.). There are also sockets for your hardware and phones. A cabinet next to the galley (between the passenger compartment and the crew cabin) can be used for any small items to avoid cluttering up the space near the seats. There is also a toilet room with an additional running water sink. On top of it, electrochromic glass on the windows can be dimmed depending on the cabin illumination thus providing some more comfort during the flight.

Additional benefits include access to the Internet, a radio receiver and an audio-visual entertainment system (optional).

These are only the main (visible) distinctive features of HondaJet aircraft. There are a lot more design innovations concealed in the invisible part of the jet that ensure safety and comfort of passengers onboard. You can find out details by contacting the staff of Aviav TM (Cofrance SARL).

How to contact an Aviav TM manager for an order?

This is very simple! You can contact us in any way you like — by e-mail, the order form on the website, the chat form, phone or messengers like Viber, WhatsApp or Telegram (+33629961135). Our staff is always ready to help you. If you are unable to talk now for any reason, mention in your message the time convenient for you to receive a call from our staff-member.

Our staff can also give you any information on purchase of a jet and more details about the aircraft (including technical specifications). All this is available online up to the moment of contracting. It should be noted that Aviav TM(Cofrance SARL) is abreast of the time — your personal presence is not required at any order processing stage. Contracts can be executed remotely and signed by an electronic signature.

As you see, everything is very simple — what matters is your wish to buy a HondaJet! There is only one small question left — why Aviav TM?

We are a trusted partner!

A lot of customers has chosen Aviav TM (Cofrance SARL) as a partner for multiple good reasons:

— Convenience. The company has over a hundred representation offices throughout the world. You can contact the nearest one;

— ExperienceCofrance SARL has been operating on the aircraft market for a long time backed by the record of a great number of successful deals closed by our staff;

— Partner relations with prominent international organizations, in particular, Wyvern Ltd. (flight safety), ARGUS International (audit), EBAA (European Business Aviation Association), and NBAA (National Business Aviation Association);

— Forward-thinking performance. Honda Aircraft Company has expanded its production line allowing for several bodies of HondaJet to be manufactured concurrently thus enabling acceleration of the jet manufacturing process from scratch with its equipment tailored to your requirements. The staff of European broker Aviav TM (Cofrance SARL) will assist you in selecting configuration and equipment of the future aircraft and the optimal model of cooperation with the manufacturer;

— Technical support and tuning. We don’t just sell aircraft! Owing to close cooperation with manufacturers, our company can arrange full-scope technical support and maintenance for customer jets during operation and scheduled repairs. We can also offer tuning of the jet (both the cabin and other design elements);

— We work around the clock;

— Accuracy. It manifests itself throughout our functioning from implementation of all sections of the contract to strict reporting;

— Maximum confidentiality and legal compliance in transactions;

— Compulsory insurance;

— Credit line as a bonus for our loyal customers.

Customer care is among the company’s top priorities! We look forward to receiving your call right now!

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Honda Jet