{:ru}Honda Aicraft Expands Sales to Mexico and Canada

Honda Jet и Honda Jet Elite


Honda Aircraft selected a retail sales and service representative for Mexico and a direct sales and U.S. service support plan for Canada.

Servicios Aereos Estrella, S.A. de C.V. (SAE), one of the country´s top full-service Fixed

Base Operators (FBO), will now provide retail sales and service for HondaJet. SAE plans to establish a new HondaJet sales and service facility at TLC for the nationwide retail sales and service operations for the HondaJet.

All sales in Canada will be handled directly from the company´s headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina. Service support for Canadian customers is to be provided through the U.S. HondaJet service facility closest to each Canadian customer´s location.

  {:ru}Запуск HondaJet вновь отложен на 12 месяцев
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